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Grrrreat Day beautiful people! Its meeee Baby Aiden! I feel like I just told you about my 5 month journey and here I am with an update on month 6! 😮 I’m still learning this time thing but it sure is moving fast – just like me!

I’m on the move scooting everywhere! My favorite place is my play yard in the living room. My Big Sister and Daddy lay there with me to play a lot. We have so much fun! Daddy puts all my toys in front of me and I don’t give up until I reach them!

I love tummy time but I tend to get upset when my body doesn’t move like my brain thinks I am. I kick my legs soooo super fast when on my tummy and still end up in the same spot. 😤 Mommy soothes me with cuddles & a pep talk. She says that’s what the journey to success is like. Lots of work in the beginning to get going. It seems like nothing, but it is actually the foundation to everything so I should never give up.

Her kisses relax and refuel me. I usually take a quick power nap then get back to work!

Guess what! While Boss Baby will be my forever favorite, I have a second favorite – TOY STORY!! Woddy and Buzz Lightyear are so cool! I also love Mr. Peabody and Sherman too. I can’t wait to get my own Way Back machine! 🙌🏽😆

BIG NEWS!! I had my first night sleep without Mommy and Daddy! They had to go do some business stuff at Baby Corp so I took the day off and partied all night with my Granny! She’s my Bestie 🤩 we have the best conversations.

I love playing the funny face game with her! Something is wrong with her TV though because every time she turns to Banana it loses its color! And the people don’t have cars! They only ride on horsey’s! 🐴 So weird! She likes it though so I don’t judge 🤷🏽‍♀️

That’s all for now! See you next time, byeeee!!!! 👋🏽 #AidenNkwachi #GodsPromise

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