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Hello beautiful people! Happy New Year – Its meeee baby Aiden! Sitting up like a big boy.

Guess what!? I closed out 2020 with 5 months and 1 day of life in my back pocket! 🙌🏽😁 Man its been so fun and fast! Did you see our family Christmas pictures? My big sister and I stole the show! 😃 We wilkins kids rule!

I’m hitting all my milestones and more. I’m grabbing everything – Even my toes! Yay! I’m sitting up with minimal support and I have great balance when standing up with support, even taking steps. I’m almost on the move crawling too! We’re all excited to see which one I’m going to do first because I’m ready to skip everything and run 🏃🏾‍♂️😆

I love playing with all my toys and telling them what to do – the toys and adults. 🤣 So far I like oatmeal and apples and I love peaches! Oatmeal goes in my milk. Mommy puts the fruit in this thing that looks like a pacifier. It has little holes in it so I get the flavor without worrying about chewing or chocking. Its a pretty cool gadget!

I know what bye means so I raise up my arms really really high for someone to pick me up so I can go too! I love field trips in the car! I look out the windows for a little but I mainly maximize that time for naps. Gotta save the turn up for when I get back home.😆

When I was in Mommy’s tummy she and Daddy would always say that they wouldn’t let me turn the living room into a play yard……. WHELP!!!! Its mine now! Just like I pictured it to be! 😆😎

Well that’s all for now. Love y’all! Be safe and we’ll catch up again soon! ✌🏽#AidenNkwachi#GodsPromise#ActivateYourFaith

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