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Hello everyone. As you may have seen, Houston was hit hard by bad weather on Thursday. As a result over 500,000 are without power. Unfortunately, that includes the hosting church for the Supernatural Pregnancy Summit.
As of 10:00am today Saturday May 18th, the power hasn’t been restored. The building isn’t a stand alone, it’s connected to others so we can’t use a generator. We’ve been working the last 48 hours for alternatives but none have worked out. Some of our production team members are without power as well.
I’m no stranger to opposition when it’s time to do something for the Lord – EVERY event has come with its challenges that we always overcome, but a tornado out of nowhere was a first. So to keep my stress levels down, I’m going to postpone until after our little promise arrives.
I was really looking forward to today, and I know you were too, the miraculous happens when we come together and today would’ve been no different, but in all things I trust the Lord. We will still share out gender reveal today at 3:33
❗ Know this: I may yield to the tornado but I will only BOW TO THE FATHER! 😤⚔️🛡 The next Supernatural Pregnancy Summit will be 2 days to make up for today. We’re declaring DOUBLE!!! 🔥🔥
Please pray for Pastors Elbert and Shannon Hinton and the Kingdom Exploits Church family as well as all Houstonians affected, especially those who’ve lost loved ones in the storm.
Love you all,
– Porshea
The Supernatural Pregnancy Summit is the result of a 5 year prophetic, cross-continental journey the Lord took me on to conceive our son. 
The Lord said: Daughter you must build my Kingdom in your barrenness. So I did. Even though it hurt at times.
He kept His promise and gave us our son Aiden on my 39th birthday in 2020. In 2022, I started traveling and hosting the Supernatural Pregnancy Summit to continue to serve as a Midwife to others who were believing for birthing babies and in their lives overall.
Then God – Our matchless Father – did exceedingly like only He can by blessing us with another Supernatural Pregnancy in 2024! This will be the last Supernatural Pregnancy Summit for 2024 since we didn’t know we were expecting until I was entering my 2nd trimester. Talk about living what you preach!
So let’s go out on a Holy Ghost high with praise, worship, testimonies and our gender reveal! 🔥💙🩷 This is for women and men who are believing for healing, babies, marriage, business, ministry and more. May the Lord bless you and give you the desires of heart – suddenly! Its Birthing Season!


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