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Support isn’t just need after the baby arrives. Its needed long before. When the mother to be is still believing for the day she’ll see a positive pregnancy test. When the mother to be is still believing is healing from yet another miscarriage. When the mother to be is told her chances of pregnancy are slim. When the mother to be isn’t married, but strongly desires a family. When the mother to be is on bed rest because of the pain from her womb.

I wondered where the village was when I was on my journey of waiting. I felt alone a lot of times. The conversations that needed to be had, just weren’t happening. I didn’t know what to ask for. I couldn’t do what my body was designed by God to do and I didn’t know how to process it.

You don’t have to sweep it under a rug and deal with it alone. There is a village for you. I found my way through and I can help you.

✨Join the group Supernatural Mamas and register for our monthly village sessions beginning Monday November 20th.

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