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Hello my online Aunties, Uncles and Cousins! Its your favorite fire ball nephew Aiden! I’ve officially been in this world longer than I was in Mommy’s tummy 🤣 how cool is that!?

So much has happened since last month. I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The hot dog song is my jam! I can’t help but bounce and dance 😆 Mommy and Granny make me laugh so hard when they dance too. They’re so weird! I show ‘em how its done though!

GUESS WHAT!? I got a toothbrush! 🦷 I’m a sneeze away from having two bottom teeth so Mommy got me a toothbrush set with my own toothpaste! Now I get to be like her and Daddy in the morning!

GUESS WHAT ELSE!? I started gymnastics! Yaaaay! I love it so much! My play yard at home has really helped to prepare me for it. So much so I get to skip a level! 🙌🏽😎💪🏽 I always knew I was a Super Star ⭐️

So here’s what happened… I was with the other crawling babies, but after the warm up the teacher said I need to be with the bigger babies that can walk! 🤯 I was speechless! But I gotta keep up so I’ve been practicing standing more. I can hold it without help for a long time now! Mommy says its about 15 to 20 of these things called seconds 🤷🏽‍♀️ I can’t wait to show everyone in class! I love doing pull ups on the bar and somersaults on the mat. 🤸🏽‍♂️

Daddy had already taught me about flipping over. He’ll lay me on the bed then grab my feet to pull me up in the air and flip me over! I love it so much! I already knew to put my arms out to brace myself coming down. I feel so strong! So of course I had to show them in class! I love being around other babies. 👶🏽💙

Oh! I got a playpen for outside! Mommy said she was Patio Patty one day and decided clean the patio. The next thing I know she and granny had it super decorated with trees, bubbles and everything! So now we get to all hang out with the birds!

Anytime the door opens I get so excited and I start kicking so they know to take me out. I do tell them first, but they don’t always understand what I’m saying. Which is weird because they all are older than me and supposedly smarter 🤔Any-who! Life is really really good! Can’t wait to share more! Love you byeeeee! #AidenNkwachi#GodsPromise

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