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💙 Good Morning beautiful people! Its me Baby Aiden! Can you believe I’m already 2 months old! That was so fast!

You’ll be happy to know I exceeded my weight goal of 10lbs I shared last month & kept on growing because I eat so much more & according to the adults I feel 12-15 lbs & I’ve outgrown all my newborn stuff! 💪🏽

I’m talking a lot more & can say Hi 👋🏽 in my special way, amongst other things (video of me is in the comments). Everyone always talks to me. Granny has great stories, so I love holding a conversation. 📖 Currently Mommy is reading a collection of Dr. Seuss, as well as The Law of Recognition by Mike Murdock to me. I love them all & share my thoughts until I fall asleep. Her voice is so soothing!

Guess what!? I officially LOVE bath time now – except when they clean my neck 🤨I fuss a little but the water is so warm & I get bubbles to play with & kick so I go from grumpy to gratitude pretty quickly. Daddy makes it fun by 🗣 preaching sermons about the bubbles & everything else to me 🤣 I love it when he brushes the coconut oil in my hair afterwards. It gets kinda weird when he starts fussing about some lady named “Delilah” 🤷🏽‍♂️ never met her but all I know is I can’t lay in her lap & she can’t touch my hair. 🙅🏾‍♂️

I can now hold my head up alone for a while, its a little wobbly but I love practicing so I’ll be a pro soon. I also like to take steps up Daddy’s chest when he holds me I feel so tall! 😄

That’s about it for now! Be sure to watch Mommy’s story things on FB & IG to see some of my other candid moments & cool outfits for the month! Oh & BIG THANK YOU & HUGS 🤗 to everyone who sow’d a love seed for me to Mommy’s CashAp $PorsheaWilkins – YOU GUYS REALLY LOVE ME!! I love you tooooo!!! Have a blessed day!! 💙🏀🏈⚾️⚽️ #AidenNkwachi #GodsPromise

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