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Hello World!
Its me Aiden! Mommy & Daddy said I can finally come out to play for my 30 Day birthday celebration, but since we have to social distance I can only play here right now.

The last 30 days of my life have been a doozie! I’ve grown a lot! My last Doctor visit a few weeks ago I was already 8 pounds. I’ll get an update on my next visit this week! I’m expecting to hit around 9-10 pounds. I’m speaking it so its done! 🙌🏽

I eat & sleep a lot of hours, but I have the most fun during Baby Happy Hour which is 3a-5a. Mommy & Daddy aren’t fun then & they always have the lights off which is weird because its party time! I still turn up anyway! 😆

I’m very strong too. 💪🏽 If you hold me up in your lap or on the bed I can stand up! Mommy has me doing this thing called “Tummy Time” but I leverage it to scoot up. I’m sure I’ll be jogging around the neighborhood soon!

I’m still getting used to bath time though. I don’t get why it’s important, but the silver lining is getting my hair washed. Its really thick & curly & I love how the water runs through it! Mommy said she’s the only woman who can run her fingers through it though! So sorry girls! 🤷🏽‍♂️

I love praise & worship music! Mommy plays it for me at bedtime. I get the best sleep! William McDowell & Tamela Mann are some of my favorite artist.

That’s about it for now. Oh! Thank you soooooo much all for the prayers, love & gifts! For seed blessings send to Mommy’s CashAp $PorsheaWilkins. Love y’all!!!

God bless you. God bless your family. God most certainly bless your dreams. 💙👶🏽😘

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