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For YEARS when Jarrod and I would talk about how life will be when Aiden arrives, we’d act it out.

One of his favorite things to do would be to grab a bottle of water or pillow and sit it in his lap supported by his left arm and talk to it AS IF it were Aiden: “Hey Man! Come watch the game with Daddy.”

He did it more and more after we got pregnant. We’d even make space between us on the couch where Aiden would sit with his bottle watching a movie with us.

Sometimes he’d pass him to me and say “Here go to your Mommy.”

Yes all this with a water bottle or pillow.

Now look! 5 years later the water bottle is on the table, pillow by his side, and his beloved Son is in his lap. What’s even more amazing is Jarrod is the ONLY person Aiden will sit like this with calmly to actually watch the game or go to sleep.

LESSON: I don’t care how crazy you look or how long it takes – do whatever you need to do to FEEL your dream. The moment you do it the closer you get to LIVING it. Day dreaming can be real life if you just picture it first. 💙👶🏽 #AidenNkwachi #GodsPromise #LikeFatherLikeSon 

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