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For the kingdom of God is not based on TALK but on POWER. (1 Cor 4:20)

That power comes from the name of Jesus. The anointing (oil) comes from Him. Prayer activates it.

Birthing in any capacity, is a miraculous act that is impossible without the Holy Spirit. I made prayer request forms and put them on every seat for attendees to fill out through the day. While shopping for pumpkin spice candles at Ross I saw this gorgeous gold bowl. Misplaced because it wasn’t with the vases as it should’ve been, but in the perfect place right where I was instead. I immediately pictured it at the altar full of prayer petitions.

What happened when we came together at the Supernatural Pregnancy Summit only those in the room can testify about. 😭🔥🙌🏽 As my Midwife sister Pastor Shannon was preaching I got up, grabbed the bowl of petitions and began to pray in the spirit over them as I paced back and forth. Then the Holy Spirit said “soak them”. So I grabbed my oil, soaked them and threw the jar in the bowl. Then I grabbed another jar of anointing oil, soaked them and threw it inside as well.

I was a prophetic act of power and authority. I can’t put the feeling I had into any other word but ELECTRIC. I know without a doubt the testimonies that are going to pour in will shock us all. 🙌🏽🔥⚔️🛡️

Crazy faith requires you to look crazy sometimes. I make no apologies for my ministry being different. God gifted it to me that way. It took me a while to adjust to the new position in my mantle, but at 42 with a 9 year marriage, blended family and 3 year old, understand me when I say: I’m grown-grown and very clear on my calling and the execution of it.

One of the women, who is believing for a baby, said “where was this last year” when I really needed it. I felt convicted because we can ALWAYS do more for the Lord. I was still attempting to figure out how to proceed with my ministry without being boxed in. Then the Lord reminded me – it’s not a box it’s a mantle. This is YOUR assignment daughter – ARISE – my daughters are hungry. So WE SHALL EAT!

See you in Dallas October 28th.


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