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Happy Saturday beautiful people!Its meeeeee Baby Aiden and as you can see I am fired up to be 4 months and a few days old! 😆

I can reach the ground in my walker now when I stand straight in it. I love running in place in my bouncy one! So exciting! Mommy cried when Daddy sent her the video. She said she wasn’t ready. Whatever that means 🤷🏽‍♂️ Anyway! I’m rolling! 🙌🏽😄 Well I roll. Haven’t gotten enough momentum yet to do more than one, but I’m on my way.

I love contracting my abs though as I work to pull myself up. My 6 pack should be complete soon. 💪🏽I love the oat stuff they put in my milk. Gives me the best sleep afterwards! Mommy has been trying new stuff with my hair called twists and braids too. Its so fun messing it up right after she does it 😄

I love music and interacting with the characters in my favorite shows Coco Melon & Boss Baby! My legs are strong so I kick a lot, especially during bath time with Daddy! Splashing water all over the kitchen floor he just mopped is fun 😆☺️🤣

Mommy shared our story & how Jesus helped her get me here. She talks to Him a lot. They’re friends. I met Him before I got here. He’s awesome! You should try Him too! You can listen to our story here:

Thanks for reading! After all it is fundamental! 🤣😆 Have a blessed day! Byeeee 👋🏽#AidenNkwachi#GodsPromise

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