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Hello family! Its meeee baby Aiden! Can you believe I’m only 30 days away from ny first trip around the sun?

Me either! Mommy keeps saying that and I don’t know how I’ve gone around the sun when its so high in the sky! 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️ Since I’m walking so good now I’ll just take a trip to see this sun thing myself. This past month has been so much fun! I explore all around the house. 🏡 I fall less and less each day when walking. I climb the stairs when I go to the Man Cave with Daddy. I’m great at keeping my balance and I can even hop a little bit!

My next goal is running 🏃🏾 I don’t skip leg day at my home gym, and my legs and calves are strong so I’ll achieve that goal quickly too. 😁🙌🏽 I also love books! 📚 Mommy reads to me all the time and let’s me turn the pages! We play the clapping game 👏🏽 to celebrate every time I do. I have a library in the living room I love digging books out of. Granny helps me keep it organized!

Soooo I did a thing at Gynmastics today! 🤸🏽‍♂️ Not what you’re probably thinking though. Are you ready?I KISSED TWO GIRLS!!! 😚 I’m a gentleman so I gave them hugs first 🤗 then I kissed them! After that we laughed and played 😄

Mommy was super shocked and still is. She’ll probably feel better after a nap.😴 As for me I’m living my best boss baby life! Happy, loved and blessed 💙🙌🏽 have a super great day! Thanks for reading! #AidenNkwachi#GodsPromise

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